Damascus, Syria

Rated Fire Doors

1. Fire resistance :

EI2 60 minutes Both leaf sides tested.

2. Standard Dimensions (free passage L x H mm) :

Wall opening: 1000 x 2150

Free passage: 935 x 2115

External dimension: 1055 x 2180

3. Door Features :

. Standard frame fits into gaps with different height or width. Also into walls with different thickness.
· Standard frame is stronger against frontal impact to external side of the leaf.
· Sturdier against knocks in external side of the leaf.
· Ready to adapt any hardware certified (panic bar, electromagnet, door closer, porthole, etc…)

· Lower distance piece, to be removed or not after installation, ensures rectangularity of the frame.
· The side clamps guarantee an easy installation, being place in the hole or screwed to wall.
· Lock and pin boxes protect them from mortar or gypsum

· Standard 2 / 3, three pieces, hinges as standard hardware according to DIN 18272 (depending on dimensions and weight).
· 1 steel security pin on hinge side, placed in the middle of the height and coincident with the hole made for this purpose.
· European cylinder with three keys.
· Standard sturdy lock.
· The rock wool filling composition with manufacture method used, guarantee sealing and integrity levels higher than required standards.
· This door has passed the fire test according to UNE EN1634 and UNE EN 1363 and resistance to openings and closings according UNE EN 1191, has been rated according to UNE EN 13501-2.
· Novoferm Alsal guarantee manufacturing process according to law, with all the guarantees of quality and security.
· Those elements that require the CE mark, they have obtained and they are in accordance with the European directive.