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Fire Suppression Systems

NAF® S 125

NAF® S 125 System

Safety Hi-Tech® leads the way in NAF® S 125 system design by supplying both a range of system pressures (“low” and “high”) and flexibility in cylinder sizes, design criteria and operating temperature. When you need a Halon retrofit solution that minimizes downtime and maximizes your current system value.
NAF® S 227

NAF® S 227 System

Safety Hi-Tech® leads the way in NAF® S 227 system design by supplying both a range of system pressures (“low” and “high”) and flexibility in cylinder sizes and design criteria. Proven performance and unquestionable quality make our NAF® S 227 an excellent choice for your fire extinguishing systems needs.
NAF® S 1230

NAF® S 1230 System

Available in systems with working pressures of 25, 42 and 60 bars, in seamless and welded cylinders. 42 and 60 bar cylinder assemblies are highly recommended for systems where there is a long distance from where the cylinder stands to the protected area/s.

Aerosol Generators

Aerosol Generators use FPC aerosol forming solid compound. On activation the compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding, highly efficient and highly effective fire-extinguishing aerosol, based on Potassium salts. extinguishes fire by inhibiting the chain chemical reactions present in combustion on a molecular level.

CO2 Fire Extinguishing System

High pressure CO2 system is a specialized fire extinguishing system designed to maintain the carbon dioxide supply at 21℃ and 850 psig in strength alloy steel cylinders. The cylinders contain the CO2 required to protect the largest single hazard.. On large hazard where several cylinders are required, a manifold is used to connect each cylinder by means of flexible hoses and check valves. Cylinder valve control the CO2 flow to the hazard through properly sized pipe, terminating in nozzles that apply the CO2. Flow rate is controlled by nozzle orifices as well as pipe size. The cylinder master valves are electronically operated and the slave valves are pressure actuated. The mater valve can be automatically and /or manually operated.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

System Design & Operation
1. The system consist of wet agent tank enclosed in S.S. box, heat sensing cable, Nozzles, and Piping.
2. Optional (Temperature Sensor, Control Panel, Temperature Meter)
3. The system consist of automatic as well as manual actuation.
4. On actuation system starts spraying Synergy low PH-liquid fine suppressant on plenum area, cooking surface, exhaust duct system with predetermined flow rate.
5. On contact with hot grease, it forms a layer of soap like foam one the surface (saponification), acting an insulation between hot grease and atmosphere; thus cutting down Oxygen Supply.
6. Immediately waterline system is activated and allow water to flow onto the same hazard area, continuously refurbishing foam blanket and cooling the hot appliances to prevent reignition.
7. The system is capable of shutting sown other appliances on system actuation, if required.
8. Additional equipments such as gas shutoff valves, alarm, warning lights etc. can be integrated with the system.

Fire tracer automatic can

provide Cost-Effective, Stand-Alone, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for your Critical Equipment, Electrical/Technical Systems and various types of enclosures. The effectiveness of a genuine Firetrace suppression System, happens by utilizing the proprietary Firetrace Detection Tubing (a Linear Pneumatic Heat Sensor), which detects a fire due to precise temperature sensitivity, allowing our systems to react quickly and effectively. This unique detection can be run through the smallest or most complex enclosures to ensure detection is always close at hand. A Firetrace System can be utilized anywhere that a fire poses a risk, and it is flexible enough for virtually any Industrial Equipment, Traditional as well as Emergency Vehicles, Storage Compartments, Control Cabinets or various types of Remote Installations. From CNC Machines and Fume Hoods, to Bus Fire Suppression,a Firetrace System is the leader in reliable Automatic Fire Suppression for your critical equipment car.